May 16 2014

The Best Ac repair in plano texas home services

The Best Ac repair in plano texas home services for you to save money!!!!


AIR REPAIR PROS now offers The BEST emergency air conditioning repair in the Plano Texas area. In addition to scheduled service checks, repairing of existing equipment, and installation of new equipment, Air Repair Pros offers immediate service to both existing and new clients. Air Repair Pros has an extensive history of air conditioning repair service on all brands and models or air conditioning equipment.


In hot and humid climates, outdoor airflow is drastically reduced, overexerting the indoor air conditioning system. With summer temperatures in Texas are spiking well above 100 degrees, putting harsh strain on air conditioning units, air conditioning units are bound to fail. Air Repair Prosoffers emergency service to fix any troubles that may arise.


Air conditioners are complex systems that depend on a wide variety of conditions to work correctly. They are sized to meet a certain load of a house, with refrigerant, or charge, and proper airflow. Extreme temperatures can cause any of these factors to fail.


When problems do occur, Air Repair Prosoffers the emergency air conditioning repair, which includes cleaning the outdoor coils and testing the electrical components. Air Repair Prostests the operating pressures and temperatures of the air conditioning system, takes amp draws on the compressor and condenser fan motor and capacitance readings to ensure proper working efficiency.


Through careful examination, educated repairmen and friendly service, Air Repair Prosensures its customers will have the peace of mind of knowing that each employee has been certified, and abides by strict ethical guidelines. Air Repair Proscelebrates the highest standards in leadership, character and ethical enterprising.


Air Repair Pros services all of North Dallas, and is now offering a location in Plano, Texas. Air Repair Pros have provided the best emergency air conditioning repair, air conditioning service, and replacement of AC units, for the past 38 years, serving thousands of families each year. In the Plano, Texas area contact Air Repair Pros by calling (972) 625-1400or visit



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